Help Everyone Rebuild

A multi-generational family walks in the street while smiling.

This Giving Season, Donate to GLUW

It's time to go beyond responding to immediate needs. Donate today to help people recover, rebuild their lives, and reimagine what's possible


In the past year, generous partners like you have helped:

  • Distribute 31,975 food boxes and transient bags
  • Provide 9,827 nights of shelter to homeless individuals
  • Respond to 870 INFOline of Gregg County calls
  • 330 individuals receive crisis intervention and intervention services
  • Provide 11,567 hours of assistance with basic literacy skills
  • Offer 1,462 hours of counseling to members of the community
  • Prepare 715 tax returns for free

And, there’s still time to do more.

COVID’s impact on our lives and livelihoods will take years to overcome. Our neighbors, especially ones most impacted by structural inequities and COVID-19, still need help. 

Across the U.S.:

  • According to the Associated Press, 23% of people say they have not been able to get enough to eat or the kinds of food they want
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports chronic homelessness increased 15% during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Black women often receive lower quality health care which causes a preterm infant mortality that is three times higher for infants born to Black mothers than white mothers, according to the Center for Disease Control.
  • A report from Child Trends, says white high school students are more likely to be employed than their Black and Hispanic peers, which means students of color are excluded more often from earning valuable job experience at an early age.

To address these challenges, our community needs solutions that go beyond responding to immediate needs. Generous people like you can ensure Greater Longview United Way can keep providing that kind of help to every person in in the greater Longview area. Together we can help people recover, reimagine more equitable communities and rebuild resilient communities.

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