How many agencies are members of the Greater Longview United Way?

There are 20 GLUW Partner Agencies and three initiatives: SingleCare Prescription Drug Discount Card, INFOline of Gregg County and VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance).

What is this year's campaign goal?


Why should I give directly to GLUW and not to an agency of my choice?

The value of giving through United Way is the accountability we provide to our donors through the evaluations of our partner agencies' programs. If you have a favorite agency, please consider  giving to that agency in addition to your GLUW contribution.

What if I live outside of Longview?

If you live outside the Longview area and would like to give to your local United Way, you may designate to that organization. Designations to GLUW partner agencies are permitted, but are included in that agency's allocations. The United Way's goal is to help the entire community, not just one agency. Your GLUW contribution helps fund 37 programs, as well as SingleCare Prescription Drug Discount Cards, INFOline of Gregg County and VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program).

What about accountability?

Local volunteers make sure your donation stays local and is well spent. Volunteers monitor all programs to ensure accountability. GLUW is also monitored through the Standards of Excellence by the United Way Worldwide and by annual audited financial statements.

What is United Way Worldwide (previously United Way of America)?

United Way Worldwide (previously United Way of America) offers support and training to local United Ways. It is a trade organization that provides national advertising and national grants. There are about 1300 local United Ways across the country. GLUW is autonomous and independent of other local United Ways. Local volunteers make all the decisions for GLUW.

How will my contribution truly make a difference?

Your gift works right here in your community. Through United Way you help more than one person or one organization. Your United Way is working toward long-term solutions for community problems. Through GLUW your donation can make the greatest impact. Volunteers are analyzing needs, programs and results to make sure your gift is being focused on what matters most in our community.

How much should I give?

Giving to United Way is a personal decision. Your United Way investment is maximized by the investment of others. Payroll deductions make it easy to give. A Care Share pledge of one hour’s pay per month or 1% of your annual salary can be used as a guideline for your contribution. Online pledge/payment is also available for those who do not have access to payroll deduction. Your gift, no matter what size, will be truly appreciated and will make a significant difference in the lives of your neighbors.