Community Investment


The Greater Longview United Way will invest your donations based on the program funding applications, interviews and evaluation review process by GLUW volunteers.

Community Investment Process Overview

  • Before your gift to United Way is invested in a program or initiative, a diverse group of volunteers from this community are involved in the decision.
  • The Community Solutions Teams (CST), formed by 40 local volunteers, analyze the most critical needs in each of those focus areas, develop visions and establish intended results for each one.
  • Partner agencies apply for program funding based on the visions and intended results in the three areas.
  • The CST volunteers review the program applications and conduct site visits to the partner agencies to learn precisely what their programs do for the community.
  • After interviewing the partner agencies regarding their programs the Community Solutions Teams make their funding recommendations to the Community Investment Committee.
  • The Community Investment Committee consists of 8 local volunteers who analyze the CST funding recommendations, approve and recommend them to the GLUW Board of Directors.
  • The GLUW Board of Directors has final approval of funding recommendations.