The Great Cardboard Boat Race

Gather your Mates and Get in the Race!

The Great Cardboard Boat Race is the official launch event for Greater Longview United Way's annual fundraising efforts.  The event is meant to raise awareness, get people excited, celebrate the spirit of working together, and help increase workplace campaigns so that we can better advance the common good.

Boats are made entirely of cardboard and powered by two (or more) paddlers that race around Teague Park pond.  Teams compete in heats for bragging rights, glory, and some pretty awesome trophies.
Each August, teams across the Greater Longview area answer the call of the open sea. With little or no experience, they build seaworthy crafts and set sail.  Some crews win.  Some crews sink. Everyone has a good time.

Join us August 27th at Teague Park for 'Pirates of the Piney Woods'!

  • Admission is FREE to the public. 
  • Races start at 8:30 AM.



Captains and Crews who wish to participate in the Greater Longview United Way’s Great Cardboard Boat Race event make a commitment to the following:

  • Construct a boat out of cardboard and duct tape.
  • All boats are human-powered (oars and paddles are acceptable as propulsion tools; you provide the oars/paddles, a minimum of 2 people) ∙
  • Participate in the entire event which includes:
    • Bringing completed boat to park on Saturday, August 27th before 8 a.m.
    • Attending the Pre-Event Boat Crew Orientation on Saturday morning, 8 a.m.
    • Attend the race on Saturday.
    • Stay for brief awards ceremony after the race.
    • Dispose of or remove your boat from the property after the race.

The entry fee per team is $200.

Your team's registration comes with:

  • Five pieces of 4x8 foot cardboard (with the chance to buy additional pieces)
  • A copy of GLUW's Cardboard Boat Race's Introduction, Boat Building, & Rules. This will give you an overview of your team's expectations, our official rules, and a guide to boatbuilding. 

Once your registration and payment have been processed by staff, you will receive your copy of GLUW's Cardboard Boat Race's Introduction, Boat Building, & Rules and instructions on how to pick up your cardboard.

Some sponsorship levels come with free or reduced entry. If you are a sponsor and have any questions regarding your entry fee, contact Heather Stevenson at or (903)758-0191.

The Great Cardboard Boat Race Team Registration

Team Information
Payment Method

Entry fee is non-refundable unless event is cancelled. 

Preferred Donation Method
Payment by Check or Money Order
Make checks payable to Greater Longview United Way or GLUW. Please mail your payment of $200 to PO Box 411 Longview, TX 75606.
Payment by Credit or Debit Card
After completing this form you will be redirected to our payment page where you will be able to process your transaction in a secured environment. Thank you!

Interested in being a sponsor? Contact Heather Stevenson at