Greater Longview Optimal Wellness

Greater Longview Optimal Wellness (GLOW) is an "Accountable Community of Health" initially funded by the Episcopal Health Foundation. ACHs serve as a local platform for bringing our stakeholders and community residents together to transform systems that will improve community health and achieve greater equity on a sustainable basis rather than provide "one-time" interventions based solely around a health care delivery system. 
Our GLOW Partners work to identify under-resourced individuals who often rely on 911 services such as ambulances and emergency departments for non-emergent needs. These citizens often have transportation and economic challenges. Collectively, through referrals, we can connect them to appropriate agencies for a proactive plan to meet their needs without using emergency services. 
Currently, 911 calls result in an ambulance being dispatched regardless of acuity, with transport to the local ED even if a lower acuity alternative could safely meet an individual's needs. 
When multiple institutions across varying sectors work in alignment, we create better health outcomes for everyone who utilizes our services in a more efficient way, with better outcomes for the individual, our community, and our healthcare entities