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Individuals/families improve their socio-economic status

American Red Cross Serving East Texas

  • Emergency Services

When an emergency arises, many clients find themselves lost, without a direction to turn for help. The American Red Cross is responsible for helping two portions of the community, disaster victims and the military community. Clients turn to us for help, whether it is a home fire or military family needing to contact their loved one overseas. We work directly with the clients, providing basic needs, whole-health services, emotional support, emergency communication and direct financial assistance. Casework guides clients on a path of recovery, conflict resolution, and self-sufficiency.

ETCADA/D.O.R.S. Community Services

  • Transitional Housing Program

D.O.R.S. Community Services Transitional Housing Program assists young people who are unstably housed, who are actively working on their Transition Plan (documented goals to help them transition successfully into adulthood), who have gained and are maintaining adequate employment to provide a living wage, who are committed to working with D.O.R.S. staff for at least a 12-month period, who agree to random drug/alcohol tests and who are willing to participate in weekly life skills educational programming in gaining affordable housing and securing necessary housing furnishings.

  • Youth Transition Center

D.O.R.S. Youth Transition Center exists to facilitate multiple needs of homeless/at-risk youth in poverty. Intensive one-on-one case management & training involves engagement demonstrating the participant's commitment to improve life circumstances & independence. While encouraging small steps, staff holds participants accountable for meeting action steps/timelines and teaches/guides them how to do so. While helping young people develop life skills, hope and a vision for the furture, educational attainment & health needs, DORS also provids fundamentals of food/clothing, support and much more.


Fredonia Women and Children Rapid Rehousing Program

  • Fredonia Homeless and Disabled Women and Children Rapid Rehousing Program

The Fredonia Homeless and Disabled Women and Children Rapid Rehousing program - shortened to Fredonia Rapid Rehousing - is a grant, funded by HUD, that provides supportive housing services to families experiencing homelessness.  The target population is women with/without children who also have a mental health disorder.  The majority of supportive housing services are provided to the target population; however, men may also be served in this program.  Supportive Housing services include rental assistance (including utilities and deposits) and case management. 


Longview Child Development Center

  • Infant Care Assistance for Low Income Families

Longview Child Development Center (LCDC) provides an affordable, quality program for low-income families and their infants, age 6 weeks through 17 mos, a service that is not readily available in the community. LCDC is the only non-profit agency offering child care in this age group. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, caring environment for infants. It is also our social and fiscal responsibility to invest community funded dollars where research and community survey show that high quality childcare  results in continued employment for parents.

Longview Community Ministries

  • Emergency Rental Assistance

Longview Community Ministries provides one time only emergency rental assistance to Longview residents in need.  Applicants may not be benefiting from any type of subsidized or live in a tax credit property.  Applicants must undergo an interview, whereby the property ownership is verified and the landlord is contacted to verify that the family will not face eviction within thirty days.

  • Food Box

LCM provides supplemental food once monthly to families in need. Proof of Longview residency is required. Transient bags (foods not requiring cooking) are available twice monthly.  T-bags are for individuals that are mobile and contents are smaller amounts than boxes. Outreach bags are available for distribution by community volunteers to supply one balanced meal to panhandlers and families on the streets.

  • Incremental Housing Assistance Program (IHAP)

Longview Community Ministries provides rent/mortgage assistance through its Incremental Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) for Longview residents. Applicants may have not received emergency rent/mortgage assistance from Longview Community Ministries within the last two years. The IHAP program provides supplemental rental assistance over a four month period, as follows:

•           Month #1     $200

•           Month #2     $100

•           Month #3     $100

•           Month #4     $100

To receive each month’s assistance and remain in program, applicant must attend monthly financial management classes.


  • Meals with Love

Meals with Love delivers hot meals five days a week to persons homebound or unable to prepare meals for themselves.  Typical recipients are elderly and disabled persons living in their own home. Eligibility is not based on income.

  • Utility Assistance

LCM assists Longview households with utilities as follows (maximum amount of assistance is provided):

•           Electric ($100)

•           Water ($50)

•           Gas ($50)

Policy requires that the utility company is contacted to verify the amount due. Further requirements provide that the client show proof of ability to pay the remainder of the amount due.  No disconnect notice is required; however, the bill must be within five days of the due date.

Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity

  • Self Help Home Ownership Program

Longview Habitat for Humanity partners with low-income persons who are living in inadequate, unsafe, unaffordable and overcrowded housing to build simple, decent homes with an affordable mortgage. The community provides volunteerism and donations in the form of construction labor, professional services, money, and materials to construct the households in a cost-efficient manner. Future homeowners contribute sweat equity, down payment, closing costs and complete financial literacy and homeowner education and purchase the home with an affordable mortgage.

Family Promise of Longview

  • Inn Keepers Housing Program

Innkeepers Housing Program provides temporary housing (shelter and meals) to families experiencing homelessness. A variety of services help to assist families in self-sufficiency: comprehensive case management, personal hygiene, clothing, child care, and medical care. Each family learns life skills, money management, parenting, and job readiness training. A safety net of stability is provided so families can save for a rental deposit and first month's rent. When families go into permanent housing a graduation is celebrated. A one year follow up program strengthens families in permanent housing.

The Salvation Army

  • Emergency Food and Shelter

The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter is a 58 bed shelter that houses men, women, and families for up to six months. The Pathway of Hope and Bridges of Hope initiatives are now part of our shelter program, and include comprehensive case management as part of the program. These are optional parts of our program, but are designed to help clients exit the poverty cycle. We are aiming for 5% of our shelter clients to participate in our new initiatives this year, with growth to 10% next year. Clients would meet with the case manager once a week for up to two years.