Day of Action June 16, 2017

Each June, communities around the world come together to harness the volunteer spirit and improve the conditions in which they live.  Day of Action is an invitation for people and organizations around the world to LIVE UNITED and take action to address a variety of challenges.  Each year we ask our partner agencies to provide a "wish list" of items and a project that our volunteers can work on together.  Below is a list of items and projects.  Check back often to see what is needed and where our drop off locations will be.


If you are interested in collecting items in your office, or volunteering on one of our project teams, contact Kathy Rae at


The Martin House

wish list

juice boxes, yoo-hoo, Gatorade (small)

bottled water

individually wrapped snacks such as chips, cookies, fruit gummies, etc.

8.5x11 brightly colored paper (not card stock)

Items for *"stress packs"

stress balls



play dough

fidget toys


chewing gum

light up toys


*Stress packs can be beneficial to children who have been abused.  Many times children begin acting out, displaying hyperactivity symptoms, or even worse, harming themselves as a way to deal with the shame, guilt and trauma of being abused.  Therapists recommend stress packs as a way to reduce anxiety many children feel.


Small flower bed needs 2-4 volunteers to plant flowers and add mulch.  All supplies will be provided.


Parenting Resource Center

wish list for parenting classes

#2 pencils

Colored Paper (brights & pastels)

Colored folders (3 prong, 2 pocket)


trash bags (13 gal.)


styrofoam coffe cups

clorex disinfecting wipes

hand sanitizer pump bottles

6 ft retangle folding table for classroom


Pathstones Counseling Center

wish list

copy paper

money/rent receipt books, 3 part form (TC1182)

Ink HP 60 (black & color) HP 40 and 41

manila file folders (1/3 cut) with 2 fasteners

are rug 5'x7' (approx)


small post it notes (1 1/2"x2", 2"x2", 3"x3")

file folder labels Avery #8366

address labels Avery #8160

#10 sercurity envelopes, lift & press


Fredonia Women and Children Rapid Rehousing Program

wish list



toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)

pots & pans, utensils, basic kitchen items


East Texas Casa

wish list

bottled water

copy paper

gas cards (for volunteers)

general gift cards (for volunteers)


Moving all items from current storage facility to a new facility and organize (need 2-3 men for heavy items)

organize and better utilize space in current office/inventory.


Boys & Girls Club of Big Pines

wish list

arts & crafts supplies




construction paper

snack food items (any)


would love to have a group to play with kids


East Texas Council of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

wish lists

toilet paper

body wash

baby shampoo

baby lotion



disinfecting wipes

wet ones


disinfecting spray

Lysol foam cleaner

paper towels

scrubbing sponges

bathroom cleaner

toilet bowl cleaner

bus passes


manicure sets

hair combs & brushes

laundry detergent

dishwashing liquid

Fabuloso floor cleaner

comet bathroom cleaner

Kaboom oxi cleaner

window cleaner




body lotion

bar soap

nail files/clippers


Longview Interfaith Hospitality Network

wish list

2 infant car seats

clorox wipes

baby bath wash (10)

baby lotion (10)

Dreft HE laundry detergent (5)

powder HE laundry detergent (10)


Friends of Partners in Prevention

wish list

powdered lemonade & Crystal-Lite type tea

Juice boxes for children

gallon size zip-loc bags

paper products (plates, napkins, plastic ware, cups)

copy paper

WalMart gift cards

bottled water


coloring books

board games for ages 5-12

person hygiene items


Longview Community Ministries

wish list

person or smal sizes of the following:


shaving cream





East Texas Literacy Council

wish list

HP Office Jet Pro 8610 black ink cartridges

HP Office Jet Pro set of ink colors or can be set of black & colored ink

copy paper

HP 934 EX black and color ink

hand sanitizer

sets of multiplication cards

#64 medium rubber bands

5 x 7 unruled index cards


Clean & organize 12' x 20' storage room.  Electronics need to be sorted, electronic cords separated and rolled up neatly, straighten & organize book shelves with binders. 


Longview Habitat for Humanity

wish list


Tool Cost Needed On Shelf Item Model
De Walt 4.5 Gal compressor 349 1 18/w/7    
Hitachi 2-2 1/2'' 15 ga angle finish nailer 159 2 59/n/1    
Hitachi 21deg Round head nailer 199 2 59/m/13    
Porter Gable 7 1/4, 15 amp circuler saw 89.97 2 59/f/19    
Porter gable fixed router base 149 1 59/b/7    
16 oz Hi Viz fiberglass hemmer 9.98 30   94771 51-501
Kobalt retactable utility knife 5.98 10   240816 50074
Porter Gable 10'' 55 Amp Table saw 299 1   89913 PCB220PS
Stanley powerlock 30' tape 1.97 10   90325 3343DC
De Walt 7 1/4'' 18 tooth midrange blade 8.98 5   59744 dw-3592Lx30
De Walt 12'' 60 tooth Fine finish blade 44 5   179504 DW3126D2
TF 100ft Pvc air hose 21.96 4   336523 SGY air 164
Swanson 8'' speed squire 4.17 10   118095 T0118

The Salvation Army

wish list

diapers (sizes 1-5)

dishwashing liquid

laundry detergent

baby wipes

paper towels

toilet paper


Twelve Way Foundation

wish lists

twin size sheet sets

twin comforters

twin blankets

towels & washcloths

laundry detergent

cleaning supplies

floor cleaner


glass cleaner

trash bags (39 gal)

mops & brooms

vacuum cleaner

shower curtains

dressers & nightstands

clothing racks







Longview Child Development Center

wish list

diapers-any size

clothing-infant to size 6

unscented wipes

copy paper


D.O.R.S. Youth Transition Center

wish list

$5.00 gift cards for a quick meal

printer paper

paper goods, i.e. plates, paper towels, forks, spoons



5 or 10 ride bus passes


5 large flower pots that need weeds removed and new plants planted.  Plants provided.  Need to bring spades & gloves.













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